The Team

Dr. Lisa A. Williams

Lisa is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Her research interests surround the adaptive functions of emotions, with a particular focus on how positive emotions guide thoughts and actions that ultimately benefit individuals, relationships, and society. CV

Research Staff

Anne van Dongen

Anne is a postdoctoral fellow working on a project investigating the emotional underpinnings of blood donation motivation. This project is co-funded by the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and the Australian Research Council.

Alex Godwin

Alex is part-time RA working on several projects related to the intra- and interpersonal functions of pride. Alex recently completed her Bachelor of Psychology, Honours degree at the University of Sydney.

Jesse Tse

Jesse is a UNSW Faculty of Science Summer Vacation Research Scholar, working on a project on loneliness. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Psychology, Honours degree at the University of Melbourne.

PhD Students

Elizabeth Barrett-Cheetham

Liz is pursuing a combined PhD and Masters in Organizational Psychology degree. Her research tests a theoretical model of how trait and state experiences of pride, gratitude, and compassion differentially influence agentic and communal motivation, which in turn influence hedonic, eudaimonic, and social well-being.

Joel Davies

Joel is pursuing a combined PhD and Masters in Organizational Psychology degree. His research explores the antecedents and functional behavioural consequences of the experience of vicarious pride – that is, pride on behalf of another.

Andrew Wowk

Andrew’s PhD research focuses on the timecourse of emotional experience around performing prosocial behaviours. He is interested in tracking how one’s experience while undertaking the behaviour might affect how that experience is recalled, and how that person anticipates feeling the next time they perform the behaviour.

Honours Students (2017)

Georgia Holmes
Phoebe Goodwin
Kallie Tzelios

Former Students


Loletta Cheng (Organisational, 2014)
Natalie Chiang (Forensic, 2011)
Johnson Hii (Organisational, 2015)
Jessica Jackson (Organisational, 2014)


Shaun Adarkar (2010)
Crystal Chan (2013)
Cindy Chapman (2010)
Cheryl Chow (2012)
Luke Cox (2014)
Mark Do (2010)
Leo Gautherie (2011)
Tiffany Khoo (2013)
Kara Kim (2011)
Vivien Lu (2015)
Sophie Lynn-Evans (2012)
Taylor Moore (2015)
Mona Omais (2015)
Smruthi Shivathaya (2011)
Carina Sinbandhit (2014)
Tali Wahnon (2010)
James Wu (2010)

IPE: International Practicum Exchange
PRI: Psychology Research Intern
SRS: Summer Research Scholar

Giorgia Caramma (IPE, 2014)
Aileen Chen (PRI, 2016)
Chloe Conroy (PRI, 2015)
Damien Crone (SRS, 2012)
Sarah Fox (SRS, 2011)
Alex Godwin (SRS, 2012)
Julia Karl (IPE, 2011)
Garston Liang (PRI, 2015)
Vivien Lu (PRI, 2014)
Mona Omais (PRI, 2014)
Carina Sinbandhit (SRS, 2013)
Jessie Sun (SRS, 2014)
Sue Walker (PRI, 2015)